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Appointment with a student activists

In the GATI SNAU and GNPU, took place traditional meetings of the people's deputy and administration with students.
  • 31.01.2020
  • newspaper "Nedelya"

In the GATI SNAU and GNPU, took place traditional meetings of the people’s deputy and administration with students.

According to the website in the GATI SNAU it was planned to discuss with the institution’s leadership the work of the University’s Youth Policy Center for the second semester, to voice problematic issues and to decide on ways to solve them.

However, the participation in a friendly tea party of the People’s Deputy of Ukraine Andrii Derkach turned the conversation into a more global plane, and the questions that was expressed by the students concerned not only the institute’s life.

In particular, it was about the need to reduce hours for the study of general educational disciplines in favor of special ones. Also, young people are worried about the need for double passage of External Independent Evaluation if they want to remain on degree courses. To avoid this, those present suggested that the results of the EIE should be valid not for three, but at least for five years.

Also, according to the members of the University’s Youth Policy Center, the existing system of accruing scholarships is unfair due to the fact that it is received by 45% of students. Like, there is a very big dependence on success in a particular cluster, and one who has an average score of 4.7 would be left without a scholarship, and one who has 4.0 will receive it. It would be much fairer to determine, for example, that everyone who has an average score of at least 4.5 will receive study grants.

Also, students of the GATI SNAU are concerned about the state initiative to introduce the same tuition fees on commercial terms in all universities – the standard of living in cities with a population of over one million cannot be compared to the small settlements. Also were raised issues of the land market in Ukraine and problems with street lighting in Hlukhiv.

In concluding the conversation on an equal footing, Andrii Derkach invited those present to cooperate and promised support in introducing, for example, additional motivational lectures by specialists who have achieved success in various fields and whose experience can be useful for young people. The main thing is that they themselves decide what topics they are interested in.

The deputy explained his suggestion: “We want you to be competitive.”

Finally, the guest handed a certificate for two washing machines, which should be the beginning of technical modernization in the dormitories of the Agricultural Institute.

Students also gathered in the dormitory of the pedagogical university to hear answers to their questions firsthand from the rector and people’s deputy. Future teachers, as well as agrarians, were active, among the issues raised – Solving the issue with fire alarms. On domestic issues, it was jointly decided to turn the old library in “white” dormitory into a modern lounge area where you can relax, arrange karaoke or do gymnastics or dancing.