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Derkach: according to a court decision, VR will provide the composition of the parliamentary coalition

The district administrative court of the city of Kyiv requires the Verkhovna Rada to provide a list of names of deputies who are members of the coalition. MP Andrii Derkach published the corresponding court decision on his page.
  • 04.03.2019
  • Obozrevatel, Interfax, RBC-Ukraine

The Kyiv District Administrative Court requires the Verkhovna Rada to provide a list of deputies who are members of the coalition. The corresponding court decision was published by MP Andrii Derkach on his page.

Derkach noted that the Rada should provide the court with information before March 12.

“Ad hoc votes and agreements of the parliamentary majority can be the subject of many investigative reports. Why are deputies often unable to collect 226 votes from an allegedly existing coalition, trying to scrape the right votes on other factions? Maybe because there are no coalitions in fact? Therefore, I appealed to the district administrative court to request from the VR a list of deputies who are members of the parliamentary coalition. The court upheld the lawsuit,” noted Derkach.

The people’s deputy reminded that he is in litigation because of the appointment of Suprun in the Ministry of Health.

“For example, the history of the paralysis of the Ministry of Health is more than a year. One of the most important ministries is without a minister. How can this be allowed? Medicine is being reformed in the country, and there is no person who will answer for all the chaos and collapse of the health system. There is a blogger who gives tips in social networks on how to wet the PPD,” noted Derkach.

He recalled that the coalition is inactive and does not offer a candidate for the post of Minister of Health.

The so-called coalition does not offer anyone for the post of head of the Ministry of Health. The Cabinet of Ministers in response does not appoint anyone. And it works well for them. But it does not work for the Ukrainians.

Soon we will find out what lies behind the concept of “coalition”. I hope, there will be more deputies than letters in this loud word”, – Derkach wrote.

As known, MP Andrii Derkach sued because of the appointment of the Minister of Health, which the Cabinet does not appoint because of the lack of candidates from the coalition.