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The Tomos is like a rating: what will bring the Unification Council to its participants

On December 15, the extraordinary exarch of the Ecumenical Patriarch Emmanuel will inform the Ukrainian subjects of their church statutes.
  • 14.12.2018

It was favorably to God
being fool for God’s sake of preaching to save the believers.
Кор. 1:21


On December 15, the extraordinary exarch of the Ecumenical Patriarch Emmanuel will inform the Ukrainian subjects of their church statutes.

Under the scenario, the event should be accompanied by a discussion of the statute and a vote of the bishops. In reality, nothing depends on the participants. Their role is limited to raising hands. More of them understand it and they do not rush to the Unification Council. Therefore, the President personally took charge of the turnout and the monolithic of the ranks.

According to Poroshenko, Ukraine at least three times already received Tomos. Suppose we woke up on December 16, allegedly with Tomos. But what has changed in the lives of believers? Almost nothing.

In fact – no Tomos; independent church succeeded only on pre-election billboards; and all participants in the process suffer losses.

Who is fighting for what, who will remain with what, what it looks like and most importantly: where is God here? I will explain concise.


Who is fighting for what, who will remain with what

Patriarch Bartholomew The goal here, apart from money and property, is to isolate the ROC and declare the UOC as a result of the splitters.

The local churches, realizing this, for the most part called Bartholomew to stop the canonical gallop and gather an all-Orthodox conference to resolve the issue of Ukrainian autocephaly. Patriarch Bartholomew did not hear and went ahead.

By attacking our Church, he counted on the invasion and support of local churches. But in the end he remained in the minority.

After all, times have changed. A hundred years ago, the Bolsheviks could, with the blessing of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, through the Renovationist priests, persecute and torture the clergy of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Today, in the context of a pervasive Internet, pressure on the Church from law enforcement officials and officials is becoming instantly known, facts are documented and waiting in the wings.

Therefore, the Ecumenical Patriarch himself eventually came under conviction and under appeals to calm down almost from all brethren churches.

In order to somehow smooth the situation and align relations, Bartholomew made a forced march to consecrate the unfinished cathedral in Bucharest.

Just to stand at the ceremony, thus he showing a good relationship with colleagues. The reaction was not long in coming…


Fighting for a place of Bartholomew

The bustle of Bartholomew was a signal to the leaders of the local churches that the patriarch was not sure of himself. It was not unreasonable talk that the Orthodox Pope project started in Ukraine is failing. Although, obviously, there remains the threat of using the thesis raised from naphthalene about the superiority of the ancient patriarchates over all others. In practice, this implies a threat of Orthodox unrest with confiscation of previously issued Tomos. The threat persists for the Serbian Church in the form of the Macedonian settlement of the issue, Montenegro, the Bulgarian Church, the Moldavian and Belarusian troubles.

We also see the beginning of the struggle within the Ecumenical Patriarchate itself. In the battle for the «shaky» throne of Bartholomew, Metropolitan Emanuel and Metropolitan Elpidophoros entered.

Metropolitan Emmanuel risks more than other candidates. After all, he must spend December 15 the Unification Council in Kiev personally. And then he will have to not just work out the event.

The task before him is to make of a handful of «believers» dissenters and traitors an efficient penal battalion of Ecumenical Orthodoxy.

Since it is difficult to do it, Ukrainian security forces are helping the cause. They are just now busy interviewing bishops. Such like an «autocephalous detachment».

But even after completing this task, it is unlikely that the candidate for the post of Bartholomew’s heir will be able to be in a favorable position.



Game Ecumenical Throne made to feel cheated of nearly all. Filaret (Denysenko) refused the future throne and eventually fights for the right to choose Epiphanius.

But Filaret- Denysenko does not understand the whole degree of cynical pragmatism of his «partners».
The ability of the Greeks to justify the shameful steps of the Ecumenical Grief about the Ecumenical Good, multiplied by the ability of the Ukrainian authorities to throw partners before the start of negotiations, leaves Filaret no chance. This is not the communists with whom he had to deal. These gamblers are much more cunning.

The main thing is the disappointment of the bishops of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Kiev Patriarchate, who found themselves in the status of parole — release on parole from a split without the right to leave and serve with someone other than individual Ecumenical bishops and parishes.

Filaret, of course, can try to leave the Cathedral by making a Gypsy dance with a way out of the hall, as he had once done in Moscow at the Bishops’ Council.

Their rally under the walls of Saint Sophia’s Cathedral will not let anyone out of the hall until the “deserts” choose the vicar-warden who is needed by the Greeks.


Epiphanius and Eustratius Zorya

Even if persistence and blackmail of the UOC-KP succeed in pushing Epiphanius to the «throne» and making Filaret an Honorary Patriarch, only Eustratius Zorya can convert the «victory». And that is temporary.

According to people who know him closely, Zorya has an unbridled thirst for revenge on the basis of the “church lustration” cherished by him. All this is based on his sectarian thinking about the superiority of combatants for autocephaly over those who, in his opinion, want to come to all that is ready.

In this case, everyone will be injured – both parishioners, and bishops of the UOC-KP, and possible defectors from the UOC, who will be stuffed like lepers into the «leprosarium».



The UAOC and Macarius were generally merged as marginals: they didn’t put them at the negotiating table with the Greeks, they did not give anything except for promises.

Although Macarius was one of the first four months ago, he said in an interview that it is important, what will be in the statutes and «let me read Tomos». He was ignored. And it’s a pity, as there are many humble and religious people among his bishops, priests and parishioners, who can be forced into the sect of «Witnesses Peter and the Security Service of Ukraine».



A lot of bishops of the UOC are confused through with orders and gifts from the KGB.

They use not only a carrot but also the stick. Therefore, in order to drive them to the Unification Council, preparatory work is already underway. In particular, a list of allegedly disloyal bishops is being prepared in the information space in order to incite the UOC synod for reprisals.

Of course, the majority of eparches laughed at the attempt of people who do not understand church life to make such a provocation. They perceive all attempts as arbitrariness, which creates power in the «martial law of electoral convulsions».

Apparently, these masters have an understanding, after idiocy with searches, stuffing in the media, interviews at the border and other things with «these», you cannot go to the Unification Council. Despite all the promises.

Bishops of the UOC, who are dragged into the corridors of power, feel that they want to use them one-time, maybe even expensive, and they have no prospects in the pack of Filaret – this can be seen from Zorya’s aggressive behavior and Filaret’s entourage. They are ready to talk with them, «to buy», to convince, but no more than for the period of the Сouncil and the elections. Each one of them understands it.

For me and for many Orthodox in Ukraine it will sincerely feel sorry, if someone from our episcopate of the UOC will come to decorate the cathedral for 30 silversmiths. I treat with understanding the followers of the «autocephalous wing of the UOC» although. They for many years sincerely believed in the bright idea of ​​autocephaly.

As for the priest activists from the UOC, who will come to the Council of Shame, this is their decision, and they themselves must make their choice. Everyone has their own parish and they will look from the ambon to the people and bear own cross.


The president

The president feels abandoned too. Looking at the rating, flying down, because of the disagreeable priests-splitters, indefatigable in ambitions and thirst for positions; Greek swindlers, insatiable in money and property; zealous idiocy law enforcement officers, the president probably becomes sad.

If now he could turn back the time, I think he would not have climbed into the church «burning bush», he would have caused the technologist who brought him the electoral idea with the support of 36 percent of the population to eat the paper on which it was written. But time does not have a subjunctive mood, therefore all of them will eat papers.

Probably, the thesis itself sounds comforting to itself: «During my cadence, Tomos was received and my name will go down in history».
But the result of the Unification Council will be shameful. The statutes and powers for the UPC (autocephalous) are written down less than in the Patriarchal Charter on autonomy for the UOC.

The Council itself will not be an act of healing the schism and certainly will not be a unifying. It will become a “parochial Sabantuy” and a parade of «Ecumenical inability and inadequacy» performed by the Vinnitsa Drama Theater, even in Saint Sophia of Kiev, albeit with elements of shocking and pathos, rolling eyes and folding hands with a boat.

On December 16 the sun will rise over all sinful and righteous. There will be a new day of the Lord. The stench of «festive» fireworks will dissipate. But nothing will change for Orthodox believers.


Ukraine and believers

I talked to people in the villages and small towns – those who go to church on service rather than with a torch parade and property seizure. Everyone understands everything, but there is no embarrassment and temptation….

Millions of Ukrainians believe in God, not in presidential elections, and believe their primate in prayer for Ukraine, Metropolitan Onufry. He is known both in Greece and in Jerusalem and on Mount Athos. Can I ask a question there: «To whom should I go for answers in Ukraine?», and get his name in reply.

They say it is always darkest before dawn. It darkness of «autocephaly on call», and the darkness of the present infinite, even in matters of religion, power will pass.

Dawn will come, he is already near. We will stand and win. Just now is not the best time.

Confession of Faith Time.