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Areas of activity


All-Ukrainian charity environmental and social “Our Future” Foundation was founded in June 1996.

The main idea behind “Our Future” Foundation is to unify the society by means of ensuring the development of all social spheres, i.e. social security, education, science, healthcare and environment protection.

The main tasks of the Foundation are as follows: development and implementation of social protection programmes for disadvantaged population, engaging commercial and public entities in specific programmes of the Foundation, coordination of efforts and resources of those who care about the future of our society, primarily the weakest and least-protected population (children, pensioners, disabled persons, veterans of war).


The Work of the Foundation is based on a range of unconventional and promising ideas:

  • departure from traditional and inefficient “cash infusions” without thorough analysis and consideration of social and cultural characteristics of society;
  • flexibility (keeping in touch with people, prioritising cutting-edge developments in technology and social sciences, use of innovative soft skills techniques);
  • The Foundation as a social manager: organising charity events with sponsors` engagement, connecting those who are willing to provide financial aid to those who need it.

Overall, the central goal of “Our Future” Foundation is preserving Ukraine`s social potential as a strong, stable state with a sound economy, of course within the possible limits, as well as experienced, highly qualified physically and mentally healthy population, cutting-edge fundamental science and research, a modern affordable education system, national traditions and a high level of culture.

Given that the state budget is limited and the economy does not generate enough means to fund social policies, healthcare and culture, the Foundation`s activity is vital for the members of the general public as well as for social organisations, since they have no-one to ask for help, but the Foundation.

Furthermore, many charity organisations, while declaring their activities as a charity, are only pursuing, in fact, their commercial interests. During this difficult transition period other numerous foundations across Ukraine sometimes need help, that is provided by “Our Future” Foundation.

“Our Future” Foundation: Structural principles

A short introduction to the Foundation structure and guiding principles of work ensuring the achievement of its goals.

Given that “social management” is one of the cornerstones of the Foundation, it is devoid of cumbersome and excessive bureaucracy. Professionals are typically engaged in the Foundation`s projects — lawers, analysts etc, either on a contractual or a pro bono basis. Their participation in the work of the Foundation is, in fact, charity.

New people, new ideas, new partnerships. So far the Foundation is pround to have collaborated with many young talented art historians, managers, producers, athletes. Their experience and help, new contacts and business connections form the capital that the Foundation accumuated owing to “social management” principle. The approach proved its value, and so the Foundation will stick to it.

Місто, область
  • Kiev
  • Kiev region
  • Kharkiv
  • Vinnytsia region
  • Dnipropetrovsk region
  • Donetsk region
  • Rivne region
  • Lviv region
  • Sumy region
  • Chernihiv region
  • Chernihiv
  • Ternopil, city and region
  • Zhytomyr
  • Zakarpattia region
  • Odesa
  • Odesa region
Institute of Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology of NAMS of Ukraine
Clinical Hospital ‘Feofaniya’
Charity Foundation “Future of the Descendants”
Foundation for Russian culture in Ukraine “Russian Foundation”
Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) The Holy Dormition Kiev-Pechersk Lavra
Youth orthodox brotherhood “Ukrainian Youth Orthodox Union to the glory of Venerable Nestor the Chronicler”
Ukrainian Children`s Alpine Movement
Scientific-Diagnostic Centre “Health of the Elderly”
Ukrainian Federation of Sport Orienteering
Small Comic Theatre
Ukrainian Federation of Sailing
Kindergarten №501 Dniprovsky district, Kiev
Parish in honour of Theotokos icon “The Burning Bush”
Ukrainian Scientific-Practical Centre for Endocrine Surgery, Endocrine Organ and Tissues Transplantation
International Charity Foundation “Fostering Medicine”
All-Ukrainian Association of Pigeon Breeders
Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation
Religious community of the Three Holy Hierarchs
“Ukraine-World” Society for relations with ex-pats
Parish in honour of the Saint Vladimir the Great Prince and Equal-to-the-Apostles
UOC Department for Cooperation with the Armed Forces of Ukraine
Press-service of Ukrainian Orthodox Church
All-Ukrainian Charity Foundation “Faith. Hope. Love”
Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Theotokos in Zverinets caves
Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Resurrection, the church-monument to the victims of War in Afghanistan
Trinity Monastery of St. Jonas
Non-profit organisation “Sumy zemlyatstvo”
Kiev city hospital for the disabled victims of the Great Patriotic War
Church of St. Feodosii. Religious community “The Parish in honour of the Our Lady of Saint Theodore”
Religious community of the UOC, parish of Christmas in Podil district
Musiikiv school in Ivankiv district
Kiev regional oncologic dispensary
Polissia district council
Department of culture of Borodyansk district state administration
Ivankiv district council
Makariv district council
Vyshhorod district state administration
Department of education of Borodyansk district
“Ros-Rigonda” football club, Bila Tserkva
Ukrainian State Medical-Social Centre for Veterans of War, Pereyaslav-Khmelnytskyi
Training and production enterprise №3 of Ukrainian Association of the Blind
Vinnytsia regional children`s hospital
Pavlograd city veteran organisation
Pavlograd district veteran organisation
Dnipropetrovsk hospital №6, intensive care department
Yuriiv central district children`s hospital
Central city hospital, Pavlograd
Pavlograd Labour and Social Services Office
Donetsk Regional Clinical-Medical Association
Church of St. Nicholas in Pokrovsky Convent (Rivne-Ostroh diocese of UOC)
Organising Committee of Zlochev district branch of Narodnyi Rukh Ukrainy
Putyvl central district hospital
Hlukhiv central district hospital
Krolevets central district hospital
Yampil central district hospital
Hlukhiv Charity Foundation for victims of the pyramid scheme “Invasport”
Shalygin school for children with special needs
Seredyna-Buda district state administration
Hlukhiv city executive committee
Putyvl district state administration
Krolevets district state administration
Krolevets Residential Care Home for the elderly
Department for youth and family of Hlukhiv district state administration
Putyvl boarding school
Department for youth and family of Yampil district state administration
Svesa Residential Facility for individuals with psychological disorders in Yampil district
Budishcha Residential Facility for individuals with psychological disorders in Hlukhiv district
Seredyna-Buda Department of education
Labour and Social Services Office of Seredyna-Buda district state administration
Labour and Social Services Office of Yampil district state administration
Labour and Social Services Office of Hlukhiv district state administration
Labour and Social Services Office of Putyvl district state administration
Labour and Social Services Office of Krolevets district state administration
Territorial branch of Labour and Social Services Office of Hlukhiv city council
Sumy scout organisation
Sumy regional charity foundation “Blagovist”
Lyniv rural council of Putyvl district
Nativity of the Theotokos Stavropegial Monastery “The Glinsk Hermitage” Hlukhiv district
Vocational School №31, Hlukhiv
Department of education of Krolevets district council, Hlukhiv district state administration
Krolevets district council
Hlukhiv district council
Putyvl city council
Seredyna-Buda district council of veterans
Hlukhiv district council of veterans
Krolevets district council of veterans
Labour and Social Services Office of Yampil district state administration
Molchen convent (Hlukhiv diocese)
Hlukhiv military-patriotic club “Courage”
The Association for Local History and Culture “Kiev Brama”
Ripky district council of veterans
Korop district foundation “Mercy”
Youth sports-patriotic club “Oktant”
The Holy Dormition Pochayiv Lavra
Ternopil diocese of UOC
Zhytomyr diocese of UOC
Youth orthodox brotherhood of Saint Prince Vladimir
Odesa diocese
Religious community of Apostle James

Areas of activity