Producing Movies

We are proud to present a collection of documentaries, filmed by different directors in recent years, but united by a common theme − morality.

Russo-Japanese War, 10th anniversary of Pokrov Festival, Saint Nicholas of Myra, partisan leader Sydir Kovpak, a mysterious story of miraculous icon of the Eleusa type Theotokos (Virgin of Tenderness), forgotten stories of the Great Patriotic War… What do all these diverse films share? Each film deals with the issues of morality, spirituality and patriotism. These are the fundamental ideas behind the works we would like to bring to your attention

Andrii Derkach


Geronda: ispoved’ miru (2013)


Desyat’ let pod Pokrovom (2012)


Nikolay Strogiy (2011-2012)


Krug radosti (2011)


Ozherel’ye dlya yedinstvennoy (2011)


Svidetel’ chuda (2011)


Yego zvali Ded (2011)


Kiev-Stolypino-Kiev (2011)


Vremena (2010)


Radost’ moya (2009)


Series “Za dal’yu veka” (2005) (1 of 10)

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