“TRK Era” is a powerful, influential, on-the-spot broadcasting company in Ukraine. “TRK Era” differs from ordinary channels, since it works in an educational, conversational style.  Special emphasis is made on news items and themed programmes, in addition to the main bulk of information. There`s also room for the discussion of existential and spiritual problems, mental well-being, children`s upbringing and personal development. Actually, “TRK Era” is in the forefront in terms of the latter.

A major role in creating quality media product belongs to the board of directors, founded at the very beginning of “TRK Era” — a collegial body, comprising of leading reporters, experts and well-known external professionals. MP Andrii Derkach, the honourable President of “TRK Era”, presides over the board.

He was the driving force behind many headline-making projects that became the trademark of the company. Another eminent feature of “TRK Era” is joint production with such high-profile international media brands as the BBC (UK), Voice of America (US), Voice of Russia (Russia), Polish External Radio Service (Poland) etc. Such a cooperation in various genres was one of the stepping stones to success and recognition of “TRK Era” not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. Take the creation of a brand new format Vision Radio, an innovation in Ukrainian market, as a proof, which enhances the channel`s clout in Ukrainian media-space.

Numerous times Andrii Derkach, the chairman of the board of directors, initiated a fair amount of socially minded projects, aimed at the unification of Ukrainian society in the hard times of political tension and instability.

What is more, “TRK Era” pays close attention to spiritual aspects of personality. Above all, a series of religious programmes, popular with the audience and promoting universal values, are indicative of the good intentions.

Taking into account extensive experience and discussing the future plans and intentions, it can be said that “TRK Era” is constantly in search of new paths to the hearts of the audience, in order to fill them with the righteous content.


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